The HEart of the Earth Sanctuary and Rescue, Inc

A Private Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, MD Green      Certified Transparent Non-Profit Organization

Please bear with us as we experience growing pains.

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About Us

"We try to give a voice, with dignity and respect, to those who do not always have a voice of their own."

Heart of the Earth Sanctuary and Rescue (HOTE) is a non-profit animal welfare organization that provides a loving home and veterinary treatment for abandoned and unwanted animals, especially those that are disabled, sick or senior.

The Heart of the Earth Sanctuary and Rescue is a sanctuary, rescue without borders and animal rights advocacy group who is committed to the promotion of the rescuing and adoption of homeless, abandoned, neglected and abused animals by creating an alliance with other sanctuaries, advocacy groups, rescues and animal shelters.



Our little corner of the world.

Your donations at work


" I met several on our board while in the trenches at the Allegany County Animal Shelter during the big shakeup that rebirthed them as "The Shelter of Hope." Our folks were hand-picked due to their commitment and compassion for those in need, and their love and commitment to helping animals and they have more than proven themselves."  Kerry 

Kerry Weide
Cassie Foster-Doty
Derek Weide
President, Operations Director, Treasurer, Grant Writer,  HOTE Green Team, MD Officer, Mineral County West Virginia Pets in Disaster Task Force Team Leader
Vice President and Environmental Expert,  HOTE Green Team
Director of Special Initiatives, HOTE Green Team, PA Officer, Board Member​
Hayden Davis
Jennifer Williams
Lina McDonald
 Youth Outreach, HOTE Green Team
Developement Director
Community Outreach Coordinator,
WV Officer,  HOTE Green Team,  Board Member, West Virginia Pets in Disaster Task Force Region 3 Director

Patricia Shoemaker
Julie Caler
Rescue Coordinator and Transportation, Board Member​​

Volunteer Coordinator

Social Media Director

Terri Bagosy

Community Outreach Coordinator,
PA Officer,  HOTE Green Team,        Board Member


 Board Member